I’m sitting here this morning texting a couple people that I met online and have never met in real life.  It’s got me thinking about how much the world has changed in my short time here on Earth.
  When I was a child, computers were pretty new. If we wanted to talk to someone all the way across the continent, we usually wrote a letter or made a phone call. And forget about having the ability to meet someone so far away unless you hopped on a plane and went on vacation. Now meeting someone is as simple as clicking a mouse button.
  My mother gets a disgusted look on her face every time I mention a friend I have that I met online. She says that it’s stupid, and I should be going out to meet people, rather than bother with anyone over the internet.
  Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother, but she is falling rapidly behind in this world. She refuses to even text because she says it’s pointless. “If you have something to tell someone, you should be calling them, not texting.”
  She also seems to think that everyone on the internet meeting people, is looking to hook up, and that completely offends her senses.  My siblings and I have tried to set her straight on multiple occasions. Including, but not limited to, explaining that she is doing exactly what we used to do when we said we didn’t like something without trying it first. Unfortunately, unlike her, we can’t just force her to try, like she would with us and icky looking food as children.
  I’ve never been one to form real friendships online, but there are the rare few. One of these people is someone I met in a poetry forum recently. She stepped out of her comfort zone to ask someone to help her with a dear friend of hers, and even though I wouldn’t normally do it, I helped. Then I found out that her dear friend is friends with a father figure I had while living away from Silicon Valley for awhile. It is a small world! Needles to say, we have become good friends in a short period of time. I can’t wait to tell my mother about that one… And inform her that my friend and I don’t want to sleep together. Lol
  Another friend of mine I met in a chat room 12 years ago. She was married and I was about to propose to my girlfriend. She helped me pick the song I had playing in the background while I proposed. We have remained in contact over the years and been there for each other though tough times. We are both divorced now and talk on a daily basis. I really enjoy talking to her and I would be a liar if I said I wasn’t looking forward to seeing where this might go. But for now I am just being patient and being a friend. I’m not looking forward to having this conversation with my mother. Lol
  I guess my point is that we have a broader ability to make friends than we used to. It can open your eyes to many different types of people, cultures, and ways of looking at life. And sometimes it can lead to great friendships and maybe even more.
  So if this is being stupid, as my mother likes to call it, then so be it. But it was her, who taught me to try something before labeling it. To not just take someone’s word on what something is like, because everyone has different views and likes.  And moreover, it was my mother who taught me that usually people have no idea what they’re actually talking about. Sorry mom, but you have failed to take your own advice… But I love you anyway.
  Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. I really do appreciate it. Have a good day everyone. And do me a favor… Get out there and try something new today. 🙂