Mornin babe,
I have to work a double shift today. Could you please pick up the items listed when you go to the market today? I left some money in the cookie jar.

* 1 pkg of “Love” brand band aides, in case my heart gets hurt

*1 small box of “Fukitall”, for these long days at work

*3 boxes of “Sorrysmart Condolences”, there’s some real tough times going around

*1 gallon of blueberry flavored “Brainjuice”, so the kids can drink it before school

*1 family size bag of “Lovechips”, I know we have plenty, but you can never have enough

*1 box of “Souleeze”, for those times when it seems that there’s no hope

*A 6 pack of “Harmony Beer”, you know I like to relax after work

*2 lbs of fresh picked “Free Time Peas”, that way we all have enough on the weekend

*A 10 pack of “Sparks Batteries”, so we make sure our relationship stays charged

*1 large bag of “Milk Chocolate Snuggles”, in fact… overstock on those.

Thanks hon. I really appreciate everything you do for me. I don’t know if I tell you that often enough. I’ll see you when I get home tonight. Hug the kids for me.

P.S. My boss just called. The bonuses finally came in. I’m going to be bringing you home a case of “Princess’ Dreams”, so you can take a well deserved vacation. 🙂