Sitting alone at home one day,
a knock came upon my door.
I’m barely 16, and feeling mean,
don’t even bother to talk anymore.
I open it up, prepared to yell,
Who the hell could it be?
My eyes opened wide, my jaw hit the floor,
holy shit, it was me!!
A whole lot older,
maybe worse for the wear.
But it was surely me,
the resemblance was there!
His eyes lit right up,
he wrapped me in his arms.
Said, “It’ll be ok,
don’t do yourself harm.
You’re going to have problems,
and a whole lot of strife.
But as you can see,
you can go on with your life.
No problem’s too big,
no love is too small.
But into this pit of dispair,
you don’t have to fall.
You will marry, and divorce,
and your father will die.
Sometimes you’re going,
to just want to die.
But don’t you dare do it!!
Cuz I now have two wonderful kids.”
I looked toward his car,
Where the two children hid.
I smiled and waved,
they looked so much like me.
I then thanked myself,
for helping me see.
As I watched myself walk away,
a tear fell from my eye.
I said, “I don’t know if I’ll make it,
But I’ll certainly try.”

(I wrote this based off of a song called “letter to me” by Brad Paisly. (it is country, but it’s worth the listen.. Especially if you’re young) I often wish I could send a letter back in time to myself, just to let me know it’s all going to be ok. But I guess I didn’t need the letter since I’m still here. 🙂