As I finish my day, I remove my mask and lay down in my cold and lonely bed. Swirling mists of beauty and prayers surround my head as my eyelids grow too heavy to hold open. My only lover, Sleep, wraps me in her tender embrace as she gently guides me into the world of dreams. She lifts the weight of the world off of my shoulders, so that I may have just a few precious hours of peace.
  I see wonderful images of what has been, long before it was broken. I see myself, so young and full of wonder as the beauty of the universe revealed to me for the first time, that anything is possible. I watch as loved ones, long lost, walk in the door and hold me tight, telling me that all is well. I see a world of precious beliefs glowing in a beautiful golden dawn. I take the view with my father while sitting on the shores of an unknown lake.
  Smelling the  lush scents I wonder… What has happened to the world I know?
  “It’s time to wake, my love.”
  As I sit up in my bed, Sleep is ready to take her leave for the day. “Please don’t leave me.” I plead, “I’m so alone.”
  She smiles wanly as she evaporates into the rays of light sneaking through my curtains.  With a heavy heart I let out a sigh, as I arise and place the weight of the world back on my shoulders where it belongs. I put on my mask, once again, and convince myself that I’m going to be ok.