(I write a lot of poetry. I have made a couple attempts at rap. I am a bit uncomfortable putting it out there, but someone has recently inspired me to do so. 🙂  )

Fuck selling my soul,
Lucifer sold himself to me.
Cuz I represent vengence,
Instead of turning the other cheek.
So go ahead, and talk your shit,
And continue to be a bitch.
Until I throw your body, into my lorry,
And drop your head in a ditch.
When I came into this world,
Mt. St. Helens started to erupt,
When I go out, the ending,
Won’t be so abrupt.
I’ll be swinging my fists,
And using the noose that I’ve made.
Stopping only to drink in,
The blood that you just paid.
Instead of ingrates,I give love,
to those that deserve it.
Those who don’t, aren’t even,
Good enough for a bullet.
Someone always has to ruin the fun.
Try it again, while I put ya on the run.
Run thru the forest,
Sprint thru the trees.
Drop to your knees.
Beg me please.
As I drag you back down,
Thru the boiling seas.
Back to the home,
That you’ve always wanted.
While you regret all the cuts,
That you’ve always flaunted.
Because your blood and tears,
Have created the sea,
That’ll suffocate you slowly,
And lead your soul to me.