Hey Dad,
It’s been awhile.
I had a dream about you the other day.
Man, you should see your grandsons.
I know you’re up there watching,
But I wish I had some proof.
They hold so much more promise than I now do.
I still miss you every day pop.
When I see something funny,
I still hear your laugh.
I will never forget your face.
The kids still talk about you.
How about that huh?
T wasn’t even two when you died.
He remembers you dad.
I’ve been so lost since you left.
Everything fell apart.
Like Yeats wrote, “the centre cannot hold”
When I need advice,
I still hear your voice.
It isn’t the same though.
So now I’m trying to fill your shoes.
But damn dad… For such a short guy,
You had some big ass feet.
I stuffed the toes with paper,
But they still don’t fit.
I’m trying pop.
Just do me one favor.
Cut a hole in the fence of heaven for me,
Because I might not make it in.
But I’m going to see you again some day,
One way or another.
R.I.P. H.W.R.  1954-2005