Dear son,
It’s great to hear from you!
By the way, that wasn’t a dream.
I just popped in your head for a visit.
Of course I watch from up here,
You’re my only child.
But what more proof do you need?
It’s in your hands and heart and soul.
It’s in my two beautiful grandsons.
You’re so much like me, it’s crazy.
I watch over them too, of course they remember.
You think you’re the only one I visit?
The beauty of being lost, my son,
Is all the new paths you find leading home.
And while we’re on the subject,
Don’t be so melodramatic.
Nothing fell apart, it just came loose.
Use your damned brain, pick up up your wrench, and tighten the screws!
That’s gross! You’re wearing my shoes?!
Oh… I get what you mean.
Don’t fill mine, fill your own.
Just be the the man I taught you to be.
As for the fence, it’s already done.
But it wasn’t done for you.
You see, one day when you were young,
Grandpa had gone on a long trip.
He was gone for so long, and I missed him so much.
So I wrote him a letter, like you did for me.
Well, it’s been nice, but I have to go.
I’ll see you someday son, but not as soon as you think.
Maybe next time I’m in town, I’ll jump in your head and say hi.
I love you son
P.S. Your friends are fine, and the rest of our family says hi.