The smell of coffee permeates the air of my small and humble home.
A small wooden house with only two rooms sits in the midst of the beautiful California Redwoods.
One room for me, and one for my kids.
White walls on the inside, wooden tone outside.
One bathroom and a small kitchen is all I need.
The living room is also small and minimally decorated.
I have no attic or basement.
I have no need, for I have few possessions.
A shelf full of notebooks sit by my door.
A small garden in the back where I grow all my veggies and herbs.
Instead of a pool, I have a deck overlooking a small lake.
A place where I can fish as I watch the hawks fly overhead.
I silently look upon the trees, so full of life.
Both internally, and in their branches.
A firepit sits near the shore, where my kids and I sit at night as I play guitar and make s’mores.
At night, after my kids are tucked in and sleeping soundly I grab a notebook off the shelf and slip out to my deck.
As I look over the moonlit water I start to write,
“This is my ideal house, but in all truth… Home is wherever I’m at.”

(This is what I think about when I think of my future house. The road may be long, but when I finally get there, and sit on that deck… it will be well worth the journey.) 🙂