Dearest Bluebell,

    Thank you very much for the letter! I must say that I was a little unnerved to hear that there was a strange Bluejay in the Vale looking for me. As payment for bringing me this wonderful letter, I showed him where he could find some grubs and rest before his long flight back. He stayed with me while he was here, because as you know, the Jays around here don’t take kindly to strangers.
    I was so sad when you told me you were leaving on secret business. I wanted to press for more details, but I knew you were in a rush. The Humans you say?! How wonderful for you! I have always wondered about those strange creatures. I can’t imagine a seperate room for everything. It seems unsafe, as an intruder on their territory could easily hide out of sight. I shall happily keep to my cave.
    I would love to be able to change the seasons though. I’m not fond of the cold as you know. And seeing as how I have a good food supply and no need to hibernate, I wish I could make it like Warmth inside, year round. And I will definitely relay the information about their waste disposal habits to Badger… Although you know he’s going to want details. Haha.
    Have you witnessed any of these things called zoos? They sound awful!! I wouldn’t want to be stuck inside a false habitat with no room to run and those strange Humans staring at me all day.
  I have terrible news about my Uncle Wishbone. Remember him? He’s the one who was born in captivity and lived in a land called Sanfransisco. I remember telling you awhile ago that his mate Annie is no longer with us. Well, my uncle has gone to that big cave in the sky to be with his dear Annie. Lord Grey the Parrot, escaped to come bring me the news. He had been having problems with his hind legs and when the humans saw that was was getting no better, despite their continuing efforts to help, they gave him something to make him fade away. I don’t want to go into details about how they did it, but L.G. Tells me that the humans say it’s like going to sleep and not painful. I don’t understand humans… But I think I  just might eat the next one I see.
    Well the pool on the Evergreens is still running. We’re entering season 7 and like I told you all, those needles will never all fall off. There was a terrible wind that came upon us at the end of Frost, blowing down many of the Elder Sycamores and killing my Saplings. It was a sad time, and many homes were destroyed, but thankfully nobody was hurt! And get this!! The Gnomes are no longer a problem! Their entire village was destroyed in the great wind, and being the softie that I am, I let them live in my cave with me. I have too much room anyway.
   They are so thankful, and were so distraught to see so many homes destroyed, that they jumped right in to help repair! In fact… With their help, we have dedicated an entire section of the vale to you in honor of the wonderful work and research you are doing!



    Don’t ask me how I got my paws on the fottergraf… You don’t want to know. Lets just say that the Gnomes know a lot more about Humans and their interesting toys than any of us thought.
    I had no idea I was famous!! This is truly exiting. I would love to have one, but I fear our friend Bluejay wouldn’t be able to carry it so far. Haha
    Well my dear, I must be going. I’m supposed to meet with the Queen as the sun touches the hills, to discuss the growing Wolf problem and the additional assignment of work to the Gnomes. You know how much she distrusts them. Take care not to be discovered. I don’t want to hear that you have ended up in some zoo somewhere, and write back soon please. May the Spirit of the Vale guide you always.