I’m not much to look at
Wide and not so tall.
But bright blue eyes, and a happy smile,
I freely give you all.
I’m covered with scars
Inside and out.
My gruff exterior
Is not what I’m all about
I’m a kind and gentle soul
I want everyone to like me.
I know I shouldn’t care
Just another of my idiosyncrasies.
I watch the world
And love to write.
I wish I had someone
To hold at night.
Graduated high school
So long ago.
I wonder how much
Of the real me shows.
I love my two sons,
Hell, I love my ex wife.
How could I not?
She gave our boys life.
I help coach lacrosse,
But I’m new to the game.
Helping kids learn teamwork,
Takes away some of my pain.
So am I beautiful?
You tell me.
Because when you’re too close,
It gets hard to see.