I see in my reflection,
A kind and caring guy.
I might not always say the right thing,
But at least I always try.
I’m always there to listen,
Or lend a helping hand.
I open my heart in friendship,
To all across the land.
I’d give my last dollar,
To anyone in need.
And if it was required,
For them I’d even bleed.

My fist strikes the mirror,
I hear the glass begin to crack.
The image through the other side,
Smiles and starts to laugh.

I see in my reflection,
A cracked and shattered man.
His soul screams as it’s filled with glass,
Just like his right hand.
His eyes are full of hate,
For things he can’t let go.
His hair is turning grey,
For these feelings he can’t show.
He doesn’t need to help,
He only needs to bleed.
So he can finally die,
To fulfill his awful greed.