The desert is beautiful.
Such silence and serenity.
Things clinging to life,
that just should not be.
But what happens
During times of war?
You’re sent across the world,
Because uncle sam’s a whore.
He takes his young boys,
And sends them away.
“They have WMD’s,
Now put them away!”
Point of fact is,
We do need the oil,
They lie to us all,
It makes my blood boil.
Don’t get me wrong,
I don’t hate our boys.
Just the ones who control them.
Cuz they want all their toys.
They lie and they cheat,
They scheme and they steal.
They sent them away
For things that aren’t real.
He wanted to serve,
To keep us all free.
I don’t think he realized
What would be the fee.
Across the sea
A million miles away.
Satalite phones,
Can’t talk to mom today.
I miss you son,
Please god, let him come home okay.
It’s cool dad
Don’t you worry.
Whats going on?
I can’t see, it’s blurry.
There’s blood on the ground,
and screams in the air.
“MOTHER” he screams,
I won’t make it there.
I’m sorry my love,
And to our unborn son,
Tell him I love him.
It’s for him I hold this gun.
Uncle sam gets the news,
And has an aide start the letter.
Your son is a hero!
Sorry it didn’t end better.
He gave his life for a lie,
Never questioned old uncle sam.
Angry I am!
As the ants begin,
To feast on his flesh,
We’ll send a letter to momma,
Never fear, you can rest.

R.I.P. Robert. We’ll never forget you!!!  Thank you my brother.  See you some day.