Dearest Bluebell,

    I hope this letter finds you well. Of course I let the Gnomes stay with me. You know what a big softie I am. The Queen is fine with them living with me since I do live a decent trek away from your village. I had to tell her because I wouldn’t want to gain her wrath. Haha. She agreed, but as payment, has demanded that for the remainder of the Time of Warming, they will take over the Garden Elf’s duties, so that he may take a much needed vacation.
    We are all in excitement about the return of the Monarchs. In fact, we sent out invitations as usual, and have already received all of them back!  We have never had such a quick response. Our friend, Raccoon wasn’t going to attend this time, due to the incident with him eating a couple Monarchs during the last return. I have convinced him that it will be ok. I am also going to surprise him with a big pile of grubs before the celebration. Haha. We will definitely miss you this season, but I have access to one of the Humans visual memory machines, so I will send you fottergrafs.
    Badger seems to be obsessed with the act of Human waste disposal. After I told him of your findings, he commissioned the Gnomish Undercover Exploratory Special Tactics unit to investigate further into the matter. Upon finding a working toilet, the senior officer (David) donned his protective gear and jumped into the water for a preliminary examination of the cavern system in the back. A clumsy Gnome left on top of the unit, as a lookout, stumbled and fell onto the activation mechanism. The lever created a whirlpool and sucked David into the cavern, and he has been missing for 3 days. I know it should be sad, but I can’t help but laugh at the entire situation. Haha
    I had a meeting with the Yellow Dragon, and he has agreed to no longer eat the Gnomes… as long as they come to him daily, and shine all his treasure. And if he finds anything missing, they will all be eaten. Haha
    I would be interested to know how these Humans get from place to place. The Gnomes have told me that they have big beasts that they climb inside of, and they are taken to wherever they want to go. Are these some kind of creature we have never seen in the Vale, or another of the Humans mechanical constructions? I can’t imagine not feeling the earth under my feet as I travel from place to place. But as I understand, the Humans have a much larger space to cover than anything we have here in the Vale. Any info you could provide would be very helpful. I am enjoying learning of the Humans very much, and the Gnomes are helpful, but their knowledge is mainly of the Humans machines and how they work. And they have yet to study these traveling beasts.
    Well, I have to be going now. So many things to do, so few light cycles in which to do them. I will keep my eyes to the sky for the return of our friend BlueJay, carrying with him your latest letter. May the Spirit of the Vale guide you always.

Missing you lots,