I stand by the door,
Somberly begging for change.
Get a job you freak,
You’re dirty, you stink, you’re deranged.
Dirt on my clothes,
Scars on my face,
I live life alone,
Just taking up space.
You mock me, you hate me,
In this cold heartless city.
I’m just asking for some change,
And maybe a bit of your pity.
I’m not homeless, I’m houseless,
But I had one at one time.
This world is unforgiving,
No reason to the rhyme.
I wasn’t always like this,
I’ll have you know.
My descent to this level,
Started out slow.
I was a father, a brother,
A son and a lover.
But all of those titles,
Are now under cover.
I lost my job, then my kids,
and my wife,
When overseas, I was attacked,
By a man with a knife.
A different uniform,
He was my enemy.
I didn’t want to kill,
But it was him or me.
I lost a piece of my soul,
On that fateful day.
With one squeeze of the trigger,
My world turned grey.
I curse the day when,
My mind broke and went strange.
Thanks for listening,
To my story.
And thanks…