So I’m sitting here this morning, fretting over bills, and how I’m going to pay some of them. I still have to buy food. A knock comes upon the door and I go to answer. The post lady had a package for me.
    “WTF?!” I’m not expecting anything. I see the package is from a dear friend of mine, so I open it.  I’m exited to find a card and some snack items. I read the card, and it basically says thank you for being such a great friend. Tears form in my eyes.
    I am not a good friend because I expect these things in return, but because I love my friends and want them to be happy.
    This was so unexpected, and caught me by such surprise, that until now my brain didn’t register the usual thought of how I don’t deserve this. So now, my brain is running through it’s usual bullcrap, but for one hour and eleven minutes, I was able to feel the normal feelings, surrounding something nice happening.
    I haven’t felt that in a long time. The card was awesome! The snacks are great! But I can never properly thank my friend for making me feel normal for what seems to be the first time in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my friend! One day I hope I may return the favor!