Sitting here watching my son sleep it occurs to me how lucky he is. He doesn’t truly realize yet how cruel the world can be. Don’t get me wrong, he understands certain cruelties of the universe, like sometimes parents get divorced, and pets die. He even understands that friends can hurt you sometimes. But he doesn’t yet understand feeling like a failure, fear of being a loser, sleepless nights, ulcers. I pray he never knows these things. Instead I hope he gets to learn some of the things that took me forever to learn. Sometimes things turn out ok, family is more important than anything, and sometimes you’re lucky enough to find a friend in life that has your back no matter what. Someone who treats you better than you feel you deserve.
I look at him asleep and hope life treats him good. He looks so much like his grandpa, and has his charisma as well. I love you son! With all my heart and soul!