To find her with another man
Ripped my heart to shreds
Torn out and crushed by her little hands
Made me wish that I was dead
I kissed my sleeping sons goodnight
And walked right out the door
I knew that something wasn’t right
And I still won’t call her whore
I’d never cheated, never hit
Barely ever raised my voice
At least I knew she’d finally quit
Leaving wasn’t really a choice
I fear I’ve been damaged beyond repair
Because of what was done to me
Thank you for this chance to share
It really helps me see
I dreamt of the day she’d ask me home
Welcome me back to my den
But I was cut down to the bone
And I could never be with her again

(Marriages fail sometimes. It sucks. But I refuse to let it turn me into a bitter old man. 🙂  )