While walking thru the dusty halls of time,
I’m followed by a man dressed up in black.
His eyes are cold and robe covered in grime.
He takes my hand and starts to lead me back.

My wedding day was full of joy and love.
Her family there, but very few of mine.
Doomed from the start, decided up above.
Don’t linger long, we move on down the line.

He screams and yells and beats her to the floor.
The window breaks, I jump and call the cops.
I reach my friends, I grab their phone, hands torn.
His hand lets go and then he says “it stops”

The light is bright, he says “you’ll be ok.
Just get some rest. You almost died today.”

(I attempted this piece after researching Iambic Pentameter. I would appreciate any feedback, especially if anyone has knowledge of this type of poetry. I would definitely appreciate some feedback on any mistakes I have made in the format. Thank you) 🙂