I saw God on my way home from the store.
She was sitting in a wheelchair with her son.
They needed money. I see this more and more.
I put the pedal down and proceeded to run.

I saw them in my minds eye, sitting hurt and alone.
My car started drifting to the side of the road.
It turned around like it had a mind of it’s own.
I had to do something, they had no abode.

They stared at the ground as I walked up.
I remember what it was like to live on the street.
Forced to beg, just her and her pup.
I placed in her hand, some money to eat.

My other went to her shoulder, I looked in her eyes.
“I have been there. Things will get better, stay strong.”
I could feel their pain. My heart still sighs.
I know the hunger. I pray I’m not wrong.

I hope they know, I would do more if I could.
I’m sitting here hoping they’ll be okay.
I know more people can help. If only they would.
But I feel good, because I saw God today.