I’ve been living in my head for so long now.
Trying to escape but I don’t know how.
Afraid to breathe afraid to live.
But I know I have a lot more to give.
So I’m coming out the gate like I’m riding Seabiscuit.
Don’t like what I have to say? Here’s my ass… kiss it.
Time to get the hell out, and walk on that wire.
Can’t go back now, I lit that bridge on fire.
The one ahead is up in flames and almost done.
But I’m more dangerous than Cheney with a shotgun.
I’m pulling the trigger if I’m going out.
But before I do I wanna hear you shout.
Get up, get up, put ya hands up.
You don’t get to talk, it’s my turn, now shut up.
The body’s a temple, mine burnt down, it’s gone.
Brain short circuited cuz the wiring was wrong.
Problems so big Bob Kamps can’t climb ’em.
Gotta robe of ’em so long Betsy Ross couldn’t hem.
But here I am helping with your stuff.
While the  burning bridge I’m on has had about enough.
The flames ate the wood now they’re crawling up my leg.
Can’t you see the pain in my eyes? Don’t make me beg.
I won’t ask for help, I’m too damn proud.
But what I will do, is scream real, real loud.
As the bridge lets go, and I start to fall.
I reach for your hand, to find nothing at all.