I was speaking with my youngest child about writing. I write a lot and asked him if he would like to try. He doesn’t want to write it down, too much like schoolwork. So I told him I would do the writing. He says he can’t rhyme, so I said I would help. I don’t want to censor him, I want to guide him. This is what he came up with this morning. It’s based off the game Call of Duty MW3. Also, please refrain from snide comments about letting my child play this game. It’s lack of guidance that screwed kids up… not video games.


Walking in Africa,
with Soap and Price.
With an AK47,
And a red dot scope.
Dropping Tangos down
with the music pumped up.
Hunting them down with a knife.
But I know
this isn’t real life.
In real war,
you don’t get to respawn.
When you get shot,
you might be gone.