I was sitting alone one night
Getting ready to end it all
Thoughts running thru my head
Thinking, how high is this fall
I started cutting real high
On my upper left arm
Knowing this would be the final harm
I would do to myself
And all of the others
Goodbye my kids
My sisters and brothers
I don’t know why
I left my phone on that night
But I’m slowly getting better
Things will be alright
I was ready to make
My final cut
I looked at my veins
I wanted to, but…
Along came a message
From someone I love
Who came to bring peace
Like a flying white dove
I put the razor down
And talked for a bit
Started to feel
Like a horrible shit
I don’t know if I
Would have thrown it away
Will this happen again
I really can’t say
I cried myself to sleep
Woke up a little better
And I sat down to write
This pseudo-letter
I don’t know why
What possessed you to call
But I’m glad that you did
Because you stopped my fall
I sit here right now
With a tear in my eye
I owe you my life
Cuz you helped me not die