I’ve always been a fighter
That’s the way I was raised
Crackin skulls, gettin loaded
Is how I spent my days
I’ve never backed down
From a single fight
Ya beat me down and I’ll come back
And leave you layin in the night
Didn’t need a grip of friends
To do what must be done
I’d beak his legs, I’d break his back
Then I’d steal his gun
I’d make sure he was watchin
Put that shit up to my head
Don’t try to fuckin kill me
Cuz I’m already dead
And then one day it ended
As quick as it began
I was gonna be a daddy
Friends said I shoulda ran
Wouldn’t do that to her
Wouldn’t do that to my kid
Whiny mother fuckers
Were the ones that ran and hid
Instead of packin knuckles
I’m packin bottles and a diaper
When shit goes down nowadays
I clean and change and wipe her
Instead of smokin meth
I’m rockin her to sleep
No more fightin, no more dealin
They say I’m in too deep
They can kiss my ass
They’ll never know the joy
Of workin hard and comin home
To a baby girl or boy
I’ve always been a fighter
Thats the way I was raised
Honest work and cookin dinner
Is how I spend my days

(This is not completely autobiographical. I’ve lived a hard life, but I did stop before I had my children. This is in honor of all those who get out of the game to take care of their children. Anybody can be tough, but it takes real men and women to raise their children and teach them the ways of honest work and love for ones family. 🙂