Read all the way thru before you start judging me please. 😉

Well my love, I have to leave. It isn’t you, it’s me. I really love you but I just can’t see you anymore. Don’t cry my love, just please  try to remember the good times. Remember when we met? I was just a teen. We’d fool around  at my house while my parents were gone. You used to always come with me to all the parties I went to back in the day. We were just nibbling the edges of love, but as time went on, I fell madly in love with you. We started getting hot and heavy. You and me in my room at night, maybe a quickie at lunch during school. In the back room at work. At my wedding was when you started to make me feel dirty. But I couldn’t quit. We met up a lot on my honeymoon, and sometimes even me, you, and my wife. You took the edge off during my divorce, and stayed with me on those cold and lonely nights. But I have to leave. I thought you were helping me, but in truth you have been slowly draining me of life. You are truly a poison in my soul, and I need you to leave. But I will always remember our times together. I will always love you. And I will forever have your name burned into my mind. Goodbye…. Alcohol.


(Bet you were thinking I was a total a$$hole huh? Lmao  Gotcha. Luv ya all. 🙂