On Tuesday I was helping coach the under nine lacrosse league that my son plays on. I am not a certified coach. I coach alongside two certified coaches, but unlike them, at the games, I’m not allowed on the field. So I get the best of both worlds. I get to help coach, and I get to actually watch the games on gameday instead of having to coach then.
    I would have become certified but my son has issues with me coaching. He told me it’s not fair that I get to tell him what to do when he’s with me, and on the field. So while I’m there, I won’t deal with him. I told him that if he has an issue, he needs to speak with one of the other coaches. This works pretty well for us.
    On Tuesday it started to rain shortly after practice started. Normally lacrosse, like other rough sports, is played as long as there is no lightning. Our practice field happens to be part of a private school’s field. And since the league pays to use it, it is bound by the school’s rules. They don’t want us playing in the rain because the cleats cause damage to the field. Let’s ignore the fact that the field is full of ankle breaking holes due to the gopher population.
    Our head coach decided that since only five kids showed up to practice, four of them being coaches kids, that practice would continue. We had a great time running drills and goofing around. I have always enjoyed the rain. In fact, I haven’t owned an umbrella since the third grade. So I wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable. We were soaked to the bone and still having a blast.
    After practice, the coaches were talking about the day. The head coach says, “That was fun! It’s been so long since I was in the rain without an umbrella. I kind of forgot how fun it could be.” He had a giant, childlike smile on his face as he said this. The kids were still busy running around playing catch.
    I think, as adults, we sometimes lose the ability to find joy in something as simple as playing in the rain. If you find yourself in a moment like this, take the time to enjoy it like you did as a child. We seem to spend our lives outgrowing the joys of childhood, and finding joy in new things. Things that we deem more important, like making money, or finding something to watch on one of the five million channels we have to choose from. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with finding joy in new things as you get older, but don’t strangle the child that still lives within you.
    Step back for a moment and ask yourself what you, as a child, would think of yourself if you met yourself now. Would that child like the person you have become? Or would that child think you are boring? So do yourself a favor and find yourself something you used to love to do as a child, and do it again. You might just find that we can still view the world through their eyes. And the child in you will thank you for it. 🙂