I’m sitting here again,
alone and feeling down.
You should be right here,
but you didn’t come around.
This isn’t the first time,
you stood me up like this.
I’m too nice so I’ve been told,
to get the girl is my only wish.
I listen to you whine,
and upon my shoulder you cry.
But you see me like a brother.
Why do I even try?
Ladies say they want a nice guy,
but that isn’t what they want.
They want a guy who is a jerk,
but looks great so they can flaunt.
I have an idea, heres the knife,
why don’t you twist it a little more.
I might be nice and sweet,
but when it comes to pain, I’m hardcore.
I don’t even need this,
piece of trash to rhyme.
It doesn’t matter,
my feelings and all.
My writing sucks,
and I’m pissed off.
Don’t tell me it gets better.
I don’t even want it to.
I broke my fingers,
so I can’t even try to get out of this hole.
I’m not going to say sorry,
For this piece of shit rant.
Don’t tell me to cheer up,
Because I just can’t.