A car drives by as I lay in my bed feeling my heartbeat in my chest. I didn’t have a very good day, but I am unfocused on that now. The pillow feels cool on my neck as a breeze blows in through my window. A neighbor’s dog is barking. I stretch my muscles and they relax.  The house creaks in the cool night air. Kids walk by my window talking loudly. A car drives by blasting rap music. I feel the air enter my lungs, feeding my body with oxygen. The mice are running around in the walls tonight.  My drunken roommate’s tv is up too loud. I watch a plane fly across the night sky. A star looks down upon me. I wish I could see more, but very few are visible from the city. This is not the time for wishes though. I close my eyes and my senses come alive. I smell somebody barbecuing. I hear music from a house down the street. I feel the blankets on me, protecting me from the chill.  I hear the leaves in the trees rustle as the wind comes up the street. A smile comes to my lips. There is nothing better than being right here, right now.