I have found an artifact called a “dragonstone” I know not why the court wizard of Whiterun wanted it, but seeing as how I had it and he needed it, I handed it over. It is amazing to be here during such a time of change. The return of dragons?! I always thought they were just an allegory is the stories of old. It turns out, I was wrong.
    While in the midst of speaking with the wizard, one of Jarl Balgruuf’s aides (Irileth) came to us and demanded we meet together with the Jarl.  The dragon had been spotted flying around one of the watchtowers and we were dispatched to locate and destroy it. I was asked to help because, having survived the attack in Helgen, I have more experience with dragons than anyone else. Experience or not, I would do this anyway. I have always had a penchant for adventure… And it now came calling.
    Upon reaching the tower, it was evident that the dragon had attacked. I immediately ran into the tower in order to reach the top and survey the situation… And possibly spot the dragon. Standing at the top of the tower I froze in place for a moment as the dragon came flying over the southern mountains.  Drawing my bow I thought, “Blood will run today, one way or the other.”
    I stood frozen as the dragon circled the tower in its horrible glory. It turned its gaze upon me and that is when I saw the deep intelligence in this creatures eyes. A blast of fire coming straight for me snapped me out of my trance and the resulting explosion threw me helpless, down the stairs. I lay there for a moment gathering my bearings while hearing screams from below. I arose and ran back to the top to put a few arrows into this beast. If for nothing else but the wounding of my pride.
    As we filled this beast with arrows, it lost its ability to remain airborne. I watched in horror as it grabbed one of my comrades in its gaping maw, and threw him into the air. I quickly ran down the stairs to confront this monstrosity head on and introduce it to my axe. As I approached, it turned to me and I could see fear in its  devilish eyes. I brought my axe down upon its head, ending its tyrannic spree. I was elated that we had killed it, but at the same time, I was saddened by the death of such a beautiful, terrible, and legendary creature. It was quite a brutal experience.
    As we stood around feeling the gravity of the situation, the dragon’s body started to go up in flames. A mist of light arose from the body and surrounded me, filling me with strength, and leaving only the bones of the dragon’s body. I was afraid, but my brothers in arms told me of one called the Dragonborn. Legend says that Dragonborn are able to absorb souls of dragons, giving them more strength. I do not know if this is true, but the possibility fills me with wonder. What amazing things I could accomplish if I am the Dragonborn.


    I have purchased a small home in Whiterun, and will be using this as my base of operations. I do not know where I will be headed next, but time will tell. Perhaps I will just journey around Skyrim and improve my fighting skills some. But until then, I remain in my home recovering from the wounds I received in my fight with the dragon.