Dearest Bluebell,

    Hoping this letter finds you well. I’m sorry to hear about the Gnome causing trouble. If I were there with you, I could scare him away. You could always set a trap to catch him. 🙂
    David has returned. He popped up a few days after I sent the last letter. He came with tales of a vast underground cavern system beneath the humans dens. He wandered around for a few days taking notes, and then found a way back home. These Gnomes really are an ingenious group. Don’t worry about Badger. He has convinced David to show him where he came out out the caverns, and has spent quite a long time exploring them himself.
     We are all prepared for the coming of the Monarchs. I can’t wait! I really wish you were here to enjoy the festivities as well. But since you won’t be, I’ll be sure to send you a fottergraf.
    I am keeping the information about the cars away from the Gnomes because I’m afraid they might try to operate one. That would be quite a tale though.
    I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I am swamped with work around the Vale. I haven’t worked so much in years. Its good to be so useful, but I am awfully tired. I have been working so much that when I return to my den, I just about fall over asleep. I certainly hope we don’t have another great wind like the one at the end of Frost.
    Well, I must be going. I have to go over the giant mound tomorrow and gather a few more supplies for the celebration of the Monarchs. I look forward to hearing from you soon. May the Spirit of the Vale guide you.

You’re friend,