Alone I sat, in my mentally made cell.
Why was I there, in that self created hell.
Thinking back to school, and my days of dope.
Foot by foot, rolling out the damn rope.
Hallucinogens were my rope, meth my noose.
Heroin in the needle, would have been my cooked goose.
One day in April, in the year ’99,
I awoke, did my prep, and did my last line.
I looked in the mirror, deep into my eyes.
I’m not am addict? Bullshit! No more lies!
I have stomped a mans head, into a curb.
He only mouthed off, something he didn’t deserve.
I broke my glass pipe, and then walked away.
No hospital detox, not even N.A.
13 years, this wagon’s been on this ride.
Not one relapse or slip up, I say this with pride.
For many years I sat, staring at my cell floor.
In the end, it was up to me, to walk out the door.

    On this day, 13 years ago, I was a completely different person. I was a meth head. I was a drug pusher, and a waste of life. As I looked into my hollow, empty eyes that morning, I realized exactly what I had become, and what my future held. I walked out of that life without a look back. I have never relapsed, although I sometimes have dreams. This has been a crazy ride, but given the chance, I would do it all over again. If I didn’t have that experience in my life, I wouldn’t be the same person. I want to take this chance to thank all of you who read what I write. It means the world to me.  And I’m happy to have you all along for the ride. 🙂