I step into the ring,
for the fight of my life.
I want to destroy something,
with anger and strife.
The crowd goes wild,
as my opponent comes out.
I don’t know if I’m ready,
for this title bout.
I tried to avoid it,
offered tons of resistance.
But the purse for this fight,
is my continued existence.
He comes out of his corner,
swinging ninety pound bricks.
I dip and I dodge,
I’m onto his tricks.
Then out of nowhere,
I’m caught with a right.
I stagger backwords,
something’s not right.
I throw a left hook,
but all I hit is air.
I think to myself,
this fight isn’t fair.
I try to duck a left jab,
but get caught in the face.
My eyes start to water,
like I’ve been sprayed with mace.
I fumble around,
taking punch after punch.
My brain isn’t working,
it’s like I’m out to lunch.
Life has me punch drunk,
in the corner of the ring.
My eyes are swollen shut,
I can’t see a thing.
Get up my brain screams,
I feel the the sting of the glove.
I look down on my body,
From way up above.
Broken and battered,
I fall to the floor.
I pick myself up,
And ready for more.
The bell is rung,
and I head for the stool.
This is one hell of a fight,
damn I’m a fool.
I may stagger and fall,
get battered and bruised.
But you picked the wrong fighter,
because I never lose.