This is something I just wrote, so I didn’t beat the hell out of my ex wife’s boyfriend. He started talking trash to my son while I was in the bathroom and thought I couldn’t hear. If talking about hurting someone and using lots of cuss words offends you, then don’t read the following piece. And if the authorities ever have reason to read this, it is not a threat against him… even if you have found his head in a ditch. 😉

You think you can push my sons around bitch?
Do what you want to the ex, she’s a witch.
But you dirty little prick, you touch my kids and you’ll die.
I’ll take you out back and make your momma cry.
Thinking I won’t do shit cuz I’m so quiet?!
It’s just that it’s not time for you die yet.
Can’t wrap your head around the shit I’m gonna do to you.
Tie you up and kill you slow, but first I’mma waste your family too!
Make you sit and watch that shit.
Listen to you cry, beggin me to quit.
Are those real tears? What happened tough guy?
You really have the balls to ask me why?!
I’ve lost my whole goddamned life because of you!
What the fuck did you think I was gonna do?!
I was content to let you have my home.
I can’t even afford food, tho I work my hands to the bone.
You control my kids, and fuck my ex wife.
While I contemplate daily, ending my life.
But before I do, you will witness my Demon.
I’ve kept him caged, but just let him out for some fun.
It’s always the loudmouth who backs down quick.
Wonder what you’ll do when your moms severed head is on your dead dads dick.
As your head starts to fade into the fog.
I’m gonna take a step back and shit stomp your dog.
I’m gonna do to you, what you’ve done to me.
In hopes that maybe for a moment you’ll see.
That to me, my kids are everything.
Even in prison, there’d be less of a sting.
Knowing you’re gone and would hurt them no more.
So keep talking your shit, and acting hardcore.
I’ll sit here, with a smile on my face.
Playing nice, till you must be erased.