Well… so ends another season of lacrosse for the San Jose Vipers U9 league.  We have had a great season this year!! Today was the Surf City Tournament in Scott’s Valley, California.  It was a beautiful day, and I could feel the buzz of excitement before I even went to sleep last night.  In fact, it was a bit difficult to fall asleep.  Lol.
My son and I awoke, pre-dawn to get ourselves prepared for the days events.  He was all smiles and cocky attitude on the way to the event.  To tell the truth… so was I.  We arrived early and scoped out the fields that were set up for play.  We lounged around a bit awaiting the rest of the team.  As they started to show up, the boys started playing and bragging about how many goals they were going to score, and how awesome they were.  The parents chilled out with each other and watched the kids practice before the game.
They amazed everyone with the way they played today.  They were playing like they were fighting for their lives.  I assume it must have seemed that way to them.  As I watched, not just my son, but the whole team, I felt a surge of pride that I could barely contain.  These kids were up at the crack of dawn to come out here and show the other teams what they were made of.  I think they did a damn good job of it.
In the end, we lost an elimination game in the semi-finals due to a horrible call by the official.  While part of me wanted to go throttle the guy, there was a part of me that thinks the boys needed this loss.  They have grown cocky over the season because they have only lost three of fifteen games.  I think they needed the lesson in humility.  Don’t get me wrong… I really wanted to see my kids win, but you can’t always win.  That is something I would like them to learn now, instead of having a harsh lesson later in life.
We put too much emphasis on kids being special nowadays.  While it is true that all of our children are special… it is also true that if we cottle them too much, the real world is going to be one hell of a slap in the face when they realize that they really aren’t that special in the grand scheme of things.  I would love to give my son the world, but always letting him win, and telling him that it was unfair that they lost is only going to reinforce the idea that the world owes them something, and if they don’t get what they want, they can blame it on someone else.
Instead, I told my son that, yes… it was a bad call, but it happens in sports sometimes.  The official doesn’t have the same viewing angle as everyone else, so sometimes he is going to miss things.  That’s why they have so many officials in professional sports.  His uncle told him that the best way to get back at them, is to come back next year and win.  We have agreed to train during the off season, and I told him I will help him with whatever he needs.  But I also told him not to expect to do too well next year because we are losing eleven of our thirteen players because they are moving up in the age bracket.  So next year we will have two returning players, and a slew of new ones.
I am happy to see that he is dedicating himself to becoming a better player over the off season.  Let’s see how long it takes him to say he would rather play video games instead of train. Lol.  That’s it for now I guess.  Have a great evening everyone. 🙂