You know… I’m tired of people trying to blame their mistakes on others.  People have an extreme aversion to taking the blame for anything in this day and age.  If I make a mistake, I cop to it.  Even if it was an extremely dumb mistake, and it’s really embarrassing to admit to.
There is a guy at my work who blames everything on me, or if that fails, just blames it on nothing.  I swear his favorite thing to say is, “Wow… that’s weird.  It wasn’t like that when I printed it out.”  with a confused look on his face.  I’m trying to figure out if he is stupid, or just lazy.  There was a small part missing from an order shipped to one of our customers, and when asked about it, he said, “I’m sure it was in there.”  Then proceeded to ask me if it was.  I was pretty sure it had been, but I couldn’t be sure. I have been in a tornado, trying to learn everything there is to take care of this job, and clean up the old guys mess.  Then he said I should have double checked his work.
Directly in front of my boss, I said, “In a perfect world I would have checked it… and should have, but I was in a rush.  Sorry.”  Now, I am not a fan of passing the buck, and I take responsibility for the missing part, because I was the last person with the order in my hands.  But I also feel that if I have to double check his work, why bother having him on the crew?  I could do his job right the first time, and I’d be more than happy with my pay plus half of his.  Thereby saving the company half of the money they pay him.
I have noticed that usually it’s members of my generation and below that have the “scapegoat” attitude.  But this guy is in his fifties.  I don’t mean that all of my generation is lazy, but the majority will lay blame on anything but themselves.  His generation however, usually takes responsibility.  I guess it shows that not everyone falls into the standard category that one would think they should be in.
I will gladly take the blame though.  I know my boss, and the owner of the company see what’s going on, and are watching him.  That’s the advantage of working for a five person company.  Also, the more of his work he pawns off on me, enables me to learn his job as well.  I’m not usually a vindictive person, but I will happily wave goodbye the day he is canned and I take his job.
Remember, just because someone is nice, does not mean they are a doormat.  Just because they will go ahead and do what you tell them to, even though you aren’t their boss, doesn’t mean they are an easy mark.  They could just be showing the boss that not only are they capable of doing their job, but yours as well.  Think hard before pulling a stunt like this if you value your job.  Because it just might get pulled out from under you.
Have a nice night everyone.  Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I’m enjoying fantasizing about taking this chump’s job. 🙂