So… I turned thirty two yesterday.  I remember how my father used to call me and sing me happy birthday no matter how old I was.  I really miss that.  I woke up and it took about ten minutes to realize it was my birthday.  It really didn’t matter considering I had to go to work, but I was kind of exited anyway.  I have always been exited about my birthday, even after I grew up and stopped getting so many gifts.  It’s the one day I feel kind of special.  All the family that couldn’t care less calls and tells you happy birthday, and pretends to take an interest in your life.

I get ready and get to work early… I like to sit outside of work for awhile to get mentally prepared.  The longer I stay at home, the more I want to call in sick.  lol.  My mom called me and also invited me over on the weekend after she gets home from church.  I don’t agree with my mom, and have many issues with her… but she’s my mom, and I love her dearly.  My boss, who is like a brother to me, also wished me happy birthday.  I had to contact my bank, and my banker also wished me a happy birthday.  That was cool.  So I went through my day at work with my phone on silent, just kind of being selfish, and waiting to look at my phone at the end of the day, and see all the messages from friends and loved ones, telling me how much they wanted me to have a great day.

I wanted to wait until I got home to look at my messages, so I put my phone in my pocket and went home, prepared to respond to everyone.  I got comfortable, pulled out my phone, and….. not a damned thing.  Not my brother, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents…. nothing.  My ex wife didn’t bother to have the kids call me either.  Not even my stepfather, who lives with me said a word.  Well, I know it’s just a birthday, and really no cause for celebration.  If anything we should celebrate our mothers on the day.  But it still hurts like hell to have only one member of your family wish you a happy birthday.

Oh well, I guess I’m done whining and lamenting about how my family doesn’t love me.  I just needed to get that off my chest.  Have a good day everyone.