I sit in the darkness,
of my broken down room.
Thinking broken thoughts,
this has to end soon.
I’ve achieved so little,
of what I wanted to do.
I’m tired of this life,
I need something new.
So I rise to my feet,
and head out the door.
Out into the world,
ready to explore.
I head for the hills,
for some peace and quiet.
I am calm on the outside,
but inside is a riot.
I find a small pond,
and sit down for a spell.
I imagine my father,
wishing me well.
“I’m always watching you son,
I just want you to know.
I live on in your heart,
I’ve enjoyed watching you grow.
You will find what you seek,
just stay strong and survive.
Because it’s not all bad,
after all, you’re alive.”
I look into the water,
and what do I see.
A vision of my father,
looking back at me.
“Thank you dad,
I’ll try my best.
I miss you and love you,
in peace, may you rest.”