“Stop pointing fingers and take some blame. Pull your future away from the flame. Open up your mind and start to live. Stop short changing your neighbors, living off of hand outs and favors. Maybe give a little bit more than you’ve got to give.” -Kid Rock-
    More than ever, I’m starting to notice how rude people are. I mean, nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes once in awhile, but have people forgotten the words please and thank you? Do people really have to try to screw one another over? 
    It seemes like the only way to get ahead in life, is to turn your heart to stone, and proceed to stab in the back, everyone in front of you. Well, I have had the knife placed in my hand; and I have also seen the sweet spot between the shoulder blades. A sheath for the blade in my hands.
    I refuse to place the knife where the world wants me to put it. I have thrown it in the dirt after cutting out my own heart. I have cut it out for those that have none. They can have it. I don’t need it.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going all Goth on you all. I’m merely trying to state the stupidity of the state of affairs in this world. Destroying things to get ahead, is a lot like cutting down a tree, to build a treehouse. Where the hell are you going to put it?! How many people have helped a complete stranger today? Yesterday? Ever? It feels better to make somones life a little better, than anything else in the world.
    I would give my life for any one of you, if it meant that you would never feel pain or sadness. There is actually a time that I did put my life on the line to save a friend, but that’s another story in itself. Although I have a wicked scar to constantly remind me of that time in my life.
    I feel like i’m starting to ramble, so here is my point. Love one another! Don’t be another killing machine created by a cold, ruthless world. I also want to take a moment to thank all of you who read the words I spew onto this blog. It means a lot that people actually seem to care about what I have to say sometimes. So thank you all. I love you guys! 🙂