Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there. And all the single mothers too. (Since you have to be dad and mom) I don’t think we should need a special day to say this though. I didn’t always get along with my dad, but he was a great man, and I miss him dearly. This one’s for you pop.

I miss our talks and banter,
I miss your goofy ways.
I miss your warm and fuzzy heart,
I miss you in many ways.
I miss your guidance,
I miss your teaching.
I miss your hugs,
I miss your preaching.
Never on a soapbox,
you didn’t play that game.
It was I who often did,
And thought you were kind of lame.
But sitting with my son today,
I have an epiphany.
I am finally in your shoes,
And it’s where I want to be.
You were one of the greatest teachers,
That I ever had.
You’re in my heart, my mind, my soul,
And I’m proud to call you dad.
Sitting here and looking back,
Everything’s clear to see.
I pray that I am half the dad,
you always were for me.