So I went to the dentist yesterday.  If you haven’t read the first tooth pain post, you should do so now. I’ll wait… You back? Ok.
    Well… I was right. The wisdom tooth had shifted, and was causing all kinds of pressure. The dentist was a cool young guy, and did a great job removing it. My youngest son laughed at me for being the one in the dentist chair for once.
    The root was totally exposed and the dentist asked how long it had been like that. The look on his face was priceless when I told him about a month and a half. He bitched at me for not doing something sooner, until I explained that I had no money. I had to save up just to go to the dentist. Being that he spent 12 years in college, he was a little more understanding at that point.
    So with a gaping hole in my mouth, and my bank account slightly lighter, I can start planning to have the rest of the dental work done that I need.
    Not much else to say, other than, I can’t wait for it to heal so I can start smooching the ladies again. Lmao j/k Have a great day everyone. 🙂