So, I’m sitting here in Starbucks writing because I have no internet at home.  This has been a crappy week.  The woman I’ve been seeing, is in Montana for her friends wedding and is not returning texts.  I’m telling myself that maybe she has no cell service.  It is in the boondocks of Montana, so it is feasable.  Then work has been pretty crappy.  robert is a douche, and doesn’t know how to do his job, so I end up doing his and mine, yet he still gets paid.  WTF?!  I’d gladly take half of his pay, plus what I make now, and let’s get rid of him.  Then yesterday I find out that my ex wife’s boyfriend went crazy and struck her to the ground, and kicked in the front door when she locked him out… in front of my seven year old.  She told me four days after it happened.

    He was arrested, and taken off on domestic battery and vandalism charges.  I don’t mind so much that he struck her to the ground.  I do feel that striking a woman is unacceptable, but I feel that she is the one that didn’t get rid of him before this happened.  But to have it happen in front of my son.  He is emotionally damaged from seeing his mother get hit.  Especially by the man she left me for.  Wow!! Makes me wonder what kind of dick I must have been huh?
I had a discussion with her yesterday about the incident.
    I informed her that if she ever lets him come back, under any circumstances,  they are both going to regret it.  I informed her that when she meets a new guy, I am telling him from day one, that if he hurts anyone in that house, I… will… kill… him.  I also told her that the next man she gets with, better rank at least a little bit above me on the scale of good men… because it still cuts pretty deep to know that she left me for that son of a bitch.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t still want her in any way other than to continue to get along with her.  I certainly don’t want to see her hurt.  I really do want to see her happy.  She didn’t believe our oldest son when he was saying that the bf was shoving him around.  She has apologized.  I also told her that if he ever says anything like that again, about any man she’s seeing, I am coming over there to finish him… no questions asked.
    I’m not trying to sound or act like a badass, I am only trying to express my anger and dismay at the situation.  Blogging about it here will actually help me not go hunt down the recent ex bf, and make him pay for letting my son see that.  I ended our conversation by telling her that I am always there if she needs to talk, or vent, and I don’t want her to take it as a jealous ex husband who is pining away for her, because nothing could be further from the truth.  Part of me wants her to come to me, begging forgiveness for what she has put me through, and beg me back home. But that’s just the evil side that wants to crush her heart the way she crushed mine when she threw me out.  If she does ever try, I will do my best to let her down easy.  The day she threw me out, is the day I died.  I have never been, nor will I ever be the same person as I once was.  I will continue to be her friend, but there will never be anything close to romantic involvement ever again.
    I guess that’s it for now.  Thank you all who follow, or read my blog.  You all mean the world to me… and it’s good to know that some people hear my words. 🙂