I’m about to blow the lid off this cage.
Releasing the demon, releasing the rage.
Pent up frustration like a noose around my throat.
I was sailing the seven seas, got my ass thrown off the boat.
I cut gills into my neck, so i can keep breathing.
You done fucked up and it’s got me seething.
You hit my ex in front of my son?!
Better ease up kid, you’re just about done.
Now he lays in bed, and cries in his sleep.
That kind of damage runs too deep.
Smack the shit out of her, i don’t give a fuck,
But in front of my son, you just ran out of luck.
Think you’re a real man cuz you intimidate?
You better run boy before it’s too late.
Sleep with one eye open and fear in your heart.
Cuz I can’t be stopped once i start.
I ain’t gonna stab you in the back, I wanna see your eyes when I do it.
Let you realize the moment of your death and give you time to think thru it.
It wasn’t that hard to hold back your fist,
Shit… You think I never got pissed?!
But now I can let the demon loose on you.
They say a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.
Now it’s hunting season, and I’ve got my permit.
I always bag my quarry, I don’t ever quit.
We’re playing this game on some big hunting grounds,
But I’m a good shot and I brought extra rounds.
So start running you worthless piece of shit,
Cuz you dug your grave, now I’m gonna lay you in it.