The demon laughs,
from the other side of the mirror.
Were you looking for love?
You won’t find that here.
Oh I led you on,
but you refused to see.
It’s so funny,
that you thought it could be.
Gentle kisses,
and nights not alone.
Whispered sweet nothings,
over the phone.
Thoughts of forever,
ran through your head.
But to tell you the truth,
you’re better of dead.
So load up that gun,
and do what you want to.
Don’t be a chickenshit,
See this death through.
Why are you smiling?
How can this be?
You can’t possibly be laughing.
Laughing at me.
“I laugh, stupid demon,
because you don’t see.
It’s I who possess you,
you don’t possess me.
So do what thou whilst,
you won’t see me die.
At my lowest you possibly,
might see me cry.
I’ve been dealt a shitty hand,
but that’s the game of life.
What would be happiness,
without all the strife.
I can deal with the pressure,
I can deal with the pain.
I can deal with the sorrow,
nothing ventured nothing gained.”
I tune out the demon,
as I lay down to sleep.
I hear him laugh in the background,
as I start to weep.