The zombie apocalypse has started. Many people didn’t think this was possible, but it has finally happened. Now, I’m not talking about the undead roaming around hungering for human flesh. Instead of feasting on brains, they are feasting on technology.
  I see them shuffling everywhere. Iphones and Androids in their faces. Bumping into people. Wrecking cars. Undead zombies can smell human flesh, but techno zombies can smell a text coming, and rush to feed on the electronic lifes blood emanating from their phone.
  Facebook updates go from being something fun, to a necessity to survive. Techno zombies must let us know that they are having coffee in yet another Starbucks because the free wifi is another chance to feed.
  While alternating current killed Topsy the elephant in 1903, we now hold electronic death within our hands. The world has ceased to exist as we knew it. And we are in the midst of the real zombie apocalypse.
  Beware of these techno zombies. You may become infected too. I am not being down on technology, I just everyone to be aware of the dangers. I do love my phone. Wait…. I just heard my droid….
  *shuffling sounds… groan* “Where… Phone… Glued to hand… Oh no!!” *More groans*
  Motorla… Samsung… Iphone… Apple… Microsoft… Hewlett Packard… Gateway… Intel… Amd… Wifi… 4G… Texting… Social media… “Must feed” *groans and shuffles* “teeeeeccccchhhhh.”