So… My left quadriceps has been hurting a bit. Not a strained or pulled muscle kind of feel, but a burning sensation. Kind of like what my right leg had as I was rehabbing my broken leg. It feels like working a muscle that has been atrophied. Unfortunately, that feels like someone has placed a hot coal deep inside the muscle.
  I put in 20 miles on the recumbent bike on level 11 yesterday, and my leg was hurting pretty good by bedtime. I had decided that I would take this morning off. But when i awoke at 5:30 (yes… I got to sleep in. Lol) the drunk uncle that i take care of, was already drunk, and still awake. I don’t like him when he’s drunk. I have no problem with people drinking, but 5:30 a.m.?! Seriously bro?!  So, off to the gym I went.
  Sometimes I wonder what the hell happened. How did I end up divorced, fat, and taking care of a family member that no one else seems to care about? Sometimes I feel good, sometimes not. Sometimes I’m just numb. But… Going to the gym and busting my ass makes me feel better.
  The weight isn’t coming off as quickly as I want, but it will. I’ve determined that even if I’m poor, I can at least look good. Lol. And my calves are starting to get some definition again. I just need the rest of my body to catch up. Lol
  Sitting on the bike this morning watching the sun come up, I came to the conclusion that I have no one to blame but myself. I’m the one who got married young, I’m the one who chose to stay and take care of family when everyone else wrote him off, and I’m the one who got soft and stopped working out. So, I’m the one who has to claw his way out of this hole. My strength may wane, and I may lose some nails while clawing my way up these walls… but I’m not going to quit!
  I once read a quote by the father of one of my heros. (Dean Karnazes) “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, but how many times you get back up.” I know it’s a popular quote, and many people are attributed with saying it. This quote holds a lot of meaning to me. I have been knocked down a crapload of times. And sometimes I lay there for awhile… But I always manage to rise again. Sometimes it feels like I won’t make it, but I’m determined to do so.
  I have to get moving. No rest for the wicked, and all that. Have a good day everyone. 🙂