It’s been awhile since I wrote. I gather many people didn’t like my borg post. That’s fine… it made me laugh.
  Well, I’m still going to the gym, and have been keeping my time at 91 minutes. Although, on Monday, I set out to do more. I ended up doing 3 sessions. 45 minutes, followed by 91 minutes, followed by 60 minutes. These were separated only by bathroom and stretch breaks. In that time, i managed to rack up 60 miles on the recumbent bike.
  I was pretty sore afterward, but i figured I’d be more sore the next day. Yesterday I was a bit sore but still managed to put in 26 miles. Today I only did 16, as I feel I need to slow down a bit for a moment. I can already feel the effects of overtraining on my brain. I have been a bit irritable. So I am taking tomorrow off. I think my body will thank me. Lol
  I have hit a plateau in weight loss, although it’s only been a few days, and I don’t like the word plateau. I think it becomes a plateau after a couple weeks. People have been noticing my weight loss, and have commented as well. I think my body is basically just reorganizing itself. My shirts are fitting better as well as my pants and belt.
  Well I guess that’s all for now. Hope I’m not boring you all to death. Have a great day everyone. 🙂