In his hands,
he holds his fate.
Life or death,
is his to take.
He takes a stroll,
down memory lane.
Smiles at the pleasure,
cries at the pain.
He sees his children,
sees them cry.
“Why did my daddy,
have to die?”
His friends would be there,
mourning as well.
He seemed so happy,
but his life was like hell.
Never felt good enough,
always felt bad.
Laughing on the outside,
But inside he was sad.
He had so much,
to be happy for.
But he locked the latch,
when he closed the door.
They would find his body,
in the hills where he walked.
Everyone would remember,
every time they talked.
Full of great advice,
that he just couldn’t take.
Too bad he didn’t realize,
because now it’s too late.