Iambic Pentameter is a tough type of poetry. Each line contains 10 syllables. No more, no less. But on to of that, the the pattern has to go, unstressed, stressed syllables. I’d suggest looking it up, and try one out. We should always strive to learn new styles, and perfect the ones we know. It’s kind of difficult to write and follow all the rules. Here is my latest attempt. Hope you enjoy.


Awakening is such a simple term
Most everyone goes through their life asleep
The early bird’s supposed to catch the worm
It saddens me at times and makes me weep

I am awake but fear my worm is gone
Crawled back inside because I was to late
I search and look and hope that I am wrong
The worm won’t come to me upon a plate

I roam and search and travel far and wide
Look high and low and everywhere I can
I seek, and find it living deep inside
I ponder what it means to be a man

To work long days and come home late at night
To think that you are somehow idolized
That kind of thinking simply isn’t right
The truth my friend is you’ve been hypnotized

Beliefs you thought created by yourself
A tragic case of unreality
Surround yourself with beauty and great wealth
Is not the way that it was meant to be

Here lies the truth in its most primal state
Unhappiness can spread just like a germ
I think I’ve found the answer here but wait
We’re not the bird, it’s us who are the worm.