Here I come, back out the gate.
I’m fueled by rage, and fueled by hate.
I told you not to fuck with me, but did you listen?
Maybe you didn’t hear the words that I was spittin.
Got me all twisted, like a pretzel from the state fair.
Then I realize that you really didn’t care.
I was nothing but a fling in the sheets,
just got worked like a poor kid from the streets.
Took a chance on love, and look what I got,
A broke ass hand, and my ego is shot.
That’s okay, go about your day,
Reality will set in, and the piper you will pay.
You’ll be coming back, begging forgiveness,
Just shut your mouth, and get up on this.
Ride it like you’re in the rodeo,
once I’m done, I got to go.
I can’t stick around to be used,
Can’t really do much, with my pride this bruised.
I can walk away and not look back,
and try to stop my heart from turning black.
Find another lady, with her feet on the ground,
Things will be better, next time around.

** Sorry… Had to rant a little. Too much venom kept inside, slowly poisons us.