Holy crap,
where did everyone go?
I’m stuck at the starting line,
waiting for the big show.
I’m standing here because,
I didn’t hear the gun.
Had my eyes closed,
when you all started to run.
Visions in my head,
of winning this race.
Now I look around,
feeling out of place.
What? You’re a doctor?
You saved a life?!
I bust my ass for low pay,
and give half to my ex wife.
You’ve got a vacation home,
that sits on a beach?
I’ve got a dilapidated place,
and a bed with no sheets.
A house where the cold,
cuts me to the bone.
I might have a house,
but it isn’t a home.
I gave up on my dreams,
while you chased yours.
Outside it is sunny,
but inside it pours.
I don’t have enough money,
to pay all my bills.
Thoughts of death in my head,
give me constant chills.
Sitting here writing,
these stupid rhymes,
I can only blame myself,
for these trying times.
You struggled and fought,
to get where you are.
While I spent my time,
wishing on stars.
Do you even remember,
the starting line that I’m at?
Every time I try to start,
I have only fallen flat.
Just go on without me,
I’m not worth the time.
I’m just a failure at life,
and a failure at rhyme.