It’s been a long time coming,
and I’m finally home.
Walking in the door,
with a brand new poem.
I don’t see all the old faces,
and you moved my comfy chair.
I’m still alive and standing tall,
who is that over there?
I’m a little older,
and wiser too I hope.
I had to leave and live my life,
and grow some too I hope.
Hey ROTH it’s good to see you,
and Madameblue my friend.
One of you I left hanging,
the other’s by my side til the end.
I’m sorry that I had to leave;
I just disappeared from home.
I had to go and find my way,
or forever I would roam.
I’ve seen a lot of things,
and I’ve missed y’all every day.
I still can’t promise I’ll stay around,
but I think you’ll be okay.
I came here with little hope,
of continuing my life.
But what I found was some great friends,
who saw strength in my life.
I’ve been through hell and back again,
with P.C. by my side.
Can’t tell you how many nights,
I sat alone and cried.
I’ve got more baggage and scars as well,
mostly from myself.
But all of that I set aside,
to see upon a shelf.
My job it sucks,
my life’s a mess.
I feel like this is a dream,
I’m living while undressed.
My words have been lost,
I need inspiration.
Follow me in this life,
don’t allow me hesitation.
I’ve got dreams,
like all of you.
As I sit alone,
and drink by brew.
I’m not a machine,
I’m a mortal man.
I hope my writing,
isn’t too bland.
So here I am,
please forgive my trespasses.
Because if you don’t,
I’ll whoop all of your asses.